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Teaching Common Sense is much more than a fantastic resource for those who already teach. It is a refreshing and unique approach to living the life you were born to live and a must read for everyone. - Tom Bird, author of 14 books and over 2500 lecture appearances


Rhonda’s message that we are all teachers may appear to be obvious but make no mistake, she packs a powerful punch in an intriguing, suspenseful, subtle, and entertaining manner, which will personally and powerfully touch your life.” – Dr. Nell Rodgers, DC MN RN, Author, Best Seller, Puppet or Puppeteer, Co-Author, Best Seller, Wake Up and Life the Life You Want to Live

Teaching Common Sense reminds me of a contemporary, easier-read version of Augustine’s Confessions. The well-written blend of personal stories and common sense principles for helping and inspiring other people make this book not only easy to read, but also highly applicable to my own work. - Dr. Cindy Solomon, Tusculum College Professor and Adult Education Graduate Program Coordinator


Rhonda reminds us that we teach even as we are being taught—in our everyday contacts with others. Using common sense and insightful scenarios and exercises, she nudges us toward the person, the student, and the teacher we are meant to be. – Sharon K. Garner, Five Star Expressions, Author, Sanctuary


This is an unusual book: it promises to lead you to learn your way to total fulfillment! Based on her personal experiences, the author guides us to define our role as students and as teachers. There is a motivational undertone to it: we are urged to reawaken aspirations and to take control over our own future and become what we were meant to be! But this is also a practical book and we are not left alone in the process of self-discovery. The 7 simple principles come accompanied with practical exercises to assist us on the journey. Recommended reading for personal development and particularly for all helpers of adults. – Dr. Loida C. Válezquez, University of Tennessee, Assistant Adjunct Professor of Adult Education


What a treat I had reading every word of Teaching Common Sense.  Even these "old eyes" discovered many in-depth ideas and knowledge that I wished I could have shared with my students during my teaching years.  In fact, any reader, not only educators, will find many ideas which can help them learn how to live a more productive, successful, and purposeful life.  Truly, Teaching Common Sense is for everyone! - Mrs. Vera Isbill, Retired High School Educator, Greene County (Tennessee) School System



Wow, Worth the effort!, August 15, 2005

I am Chairman and CEO of a US company. I am also a voracious reader. I must admit to being really surprised. Pleasantly so! Anybody with the guts to suggest they are going to teach me common sense after all my years ...or at least teach me how to apply common sense...well, she must have known my grandfather!

The acknowledgements scared me at first. It sounded like it was going to be a very academic read, though it has a "Common Sense" title. Don't worry, it is not. But you will learn that the author certainly built her common sense on many well-grounded theories and brilliant scientists that came before her. Without giving anything away I would mention that the simple pie chart at the end of that section thankfully renewed my expectation of a straight-forward and interesting experience.

This book had some of the "ahas" that I got from reading Echart Tolle, but in the end it made me work harder than Tolle did, and I certainly learned more about myself than I ever expected. It was actually a great follow-up to "The Power of Now" for me in fact. The author may not have Tolle's reputation, but she has the same common sense! (I suppose it is not the author's fault that Oprah hasn't discovered her yet.) Early in the book I saw that she intended to take on the challenge of explaining to me why we humans are here. I thought: "Now that's a very ambitious task for an author I've never read." She actually did it, and did it well. And her perspective doesn't require you to be a Christian, Muslim, Creationist, Darwinist, or any other label. You just have to be human.

This should be a 'must read' for all teachers or would-be teachers. My advice to other possible readers would be this. If you are willing to apply yourself by reading and working through the personal exercises provided in the book - (don't worry they are not strenuous)- you will be amazed at what you discover about yourself. I was. And I am still learning ...and teaching...which was, by the way, the point. Read it!