Raised on a farm in the countryside near Greeneville, Tennessee, Rhonda has spent her entire adult life working with teams to bring about mutually beneficial outcomes.  As a high school and college athlete in her youth and a project manager and director of corporate improvement programs in adulthood, Rhonda has learned firsthand the importance of building effective communities of humans within which each individual has the opportunity to do what he or she does best.

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After decades of writing informative project reports, inspiring strategy descriptions, and compelling management addresses in the workplace, Rhonda now shares her personal observations and learnings through her writing.  Drawing upon the storytelling traditions of her country origins, her down-to-earth stories teach the lessons that stem from her deep desire to see all people living and working peacefully together and progressing daily toward becoming all that they were born to be.  Rhonda’s richly textured and surprisingly honest writing shines a bright light of hope on the path to effective living.

Holding a bachelor of arts degree in business administration and a master of arts degree in adult education, Rhonda thoughtfully blends the theories from those curricula with her own experiences and observations to produce a unique blend of insightful, heartwarming, and motivational lessons.  Her genuine ability to establish an immediate, respectful, and empathetic connection with others makes her a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and project manager.  Whether speaking or teaching her concepts with ease in front of large groups, applying her concepts to facilitate team building and effectiveness, or writing about her commonsense approach to individuals and organizations, Rhonda’s sincerity and conviction shine through.


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