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Rhonda Jones...Common Sense for Uncommon Success!

A Corporate Improvement Director for over 20 years, Rhonda Jones, author of Teaching Common Sense: Seven Simple Principles For Nurturing Those Around You and Reaping the Harvest of Your Life, is a recognized and award-winning authority on engaging diverse individuals, building effective teams, implementing large-scale change, and achieving results.  Helping people and groups to clarify their vision and build effective communities in which each person is inspired and empowered to release their individual genius is the secret to Rhonda’s success.  She combines her business management training and experience, her adult education background, her humor and wit, and real life stories to produce classes, workshops, speeches, and books that share her practical, commonsense wisdom for transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.  Whether the topic is effective management and leadership or effective living—delivered in a classroom or a convention hall—Rhonda’s dynamic and captivating style, and her unique combination of knowledge, experience, passion, and insight will motivate even the most skeptical participant.  Rhonda is a member of


Favorite Topics and Keynotes:

Aunt Ruby & Shoney’s Strawberry Pie

Common Sense Lessons for Effective Relationships

Turning on the Lights

Overcoming the Power of Perception to Release Human Potential

Reaping What You Sow

Down to Earth Lessons in the Key Factors for Authentic Community

You Scratch My Back & I’ll Scratch Yours

Getting What You Most Want by Giving It Away

Making Sense

Growing Your Common Sense Quotient (CSQ)

Maximizing the Human Resource

Discover the power of the greatest resource on earth and seven simple principles critical to unleashing it.

Building an Effective Workplace Culture

A straightforward approach to building a work environment that mobilizes employees and resources around a common purpose and minimizes internal competition and strife.

Principles of Effective Human Interaction

Learn the core dimensions of human interaction and the principles for living and working effectively with others.


Workshop and Course Topics:

Influencing Skills

A course focusing on human interaction proven to increase individual effectiveness and improve organizational performance, customer service and results.

Peak Personal Performance (P3)

Understanding, through an individualized DiSC profile, how to leverage personal style and master effective interaction and communication with others for peak personal performance.

Managing for High Performance and Retention

Designed for leaders, managers and supervisors, emphasizing two essential outcomes: (1) ensuring staff are consistently performing to standard or above; and, (2) ensuring a strong, vibrant workplace.

Front Line Management-Leveraging the Strengths of Your Style

Teaching managers to manage productively by tapping into their unique strengths, utilizing the powerful DiSC learning instrument.

Team Management – Collaborative Skills for Teams

Equipping teams to maximize overall results by clarifying individual roles based upon unique strengths, defining team communication process, and maximizing the team’s use of time.