May 31, 2005 Newsletter

Good grief!  Where in the world did the month of May go?  I turned my head for one second and it was gone!  This is like living in a whirlwind.  Truly time marches on, and that's just more proof that we shouldn't waste a second.  Nevertheless, a good friend recently reminded me to "take time to breathe".  It was good and timely advice, so now I pass it along to you.  Taking time for ourselves is not a waste of time.  It is essential to our health, balance, and ultimate success on our unique journey.  To remind myself of the means by which I can achieve this much-needed relaxation, I reflected on a piece I wrote about my beloved spaces on the water's edge.  I hope reading it transports you to that magical, peaceful place in my heart . . .


Welcome to my lakeside sanctuary.

You are in this place at this time for your own special reason.

Take a deep breath of the mountain freshness and exhale all the stress and worry of the life you’ve left behind.

Relax your mind and allow yourself to discover your own powerful spirit.

For, here, the rapid pace of life is slowed to the tranquil rhythms of the deep still waters.

Here, the relentless pressure of daily annoyances is replaced by the gentle tapping of the majestic woodpeckers.

Here, the only scurrying about is done by the playful chipmunks.

Here, like the solitary fish, life glides effortlessly.

So, be still in this sanctuary and know that God has made this place for us.

A place apart, where together we can imbibe in all that nourishes body, mind, and soul…

A place where we can bask in the joy of relationship and the peace of nature.

Nest for a while in this mountain oasis and be inspired to laugh, sing, and let your heart go dreaming.

Listen to the call of the songbirds that beckon us

to let our spirits fly above the noise and confusion that is not welcome here.

Above all, take time to drink in the beauty of this place and reflect on what there is to learn here.

Watch a sunrise over the distant hilltops framed by the sparkling waters.

Sit on the deck and experience the cleansing fury of a summer storm.

Let your soul float on the breeze with the graceful white gulls.

Meditate with the swaying of the leaves.

Respect these principles, and you will find peace in this place.

Text Box: RJ

For this is my lakeside sanctuary, and you are welcome here.

RJ  2004